Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play without the 3d models?

Yes! Every character also comes with a token which you can print with a regular printer. But for the best experience we suggest to contact a local 3d print service to print the models for you.

Where can I submit my feedback or suggestions?

Feedback and suggestions can be communicated through our Patreon page and Discord server.

How do I gain access to the Discord server?

The Discord server is exlusive to Patrons. Patreon has an article explaining how to connect to Discord when you're a Patron.

Intellectual Property Guidelines

License: CC-BY-SA-NC

This license applies to any and all names and content made available by Hexagods. Please be aware that where fan content is created based on our settings and characters, Hexagods retains ownership in respect of the underlying intellectual property rights in those worlds, and therefore such fan content cannot be sold or otherwise monetised. For more information visit openaccess.

  • BY - Credit must be given to the creator
  • SA - Adaptations must be shared under the same terms
  • NC - Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted

Reseller License

Do you provide a 3D printing service? Please apply for the more permissive license below.